I began working with art at a young age, mainly in the medium of drawing.  It was initially influenced by comic book artists and fantasy games with their imaginary worlds, appeal to my eye and to know no bounds in creating landscapes.  Throughout my study of the arts, Surrealism became a most intriguing inspirational style, and has followed me throughout my many endeavours of experimenting with mediums.  By the time I went to Sheridan Institute to study in Media Arts, my new medium had become Photography and Digital Manipulation.  I now work to capture reality in a Surrealistic sense either through 35mm processes or by digitally manipulating my film scans.  The overall intent is to represent Surreal landscapes, in a realistic fashion.  To make you question if my photographs are real or manipulated.  It is the Surrealistic melding of these worlds that drives my artwork.

Aside from my artistic endeavours, I have a career in the film industry working as a lighting and gripping technician.  Many of the skills learned in my career have transferred over into my art in terms of lighting and shadow work, both practically and by digital means.  I plan to continue my career in film and continue learning new techniques to enhance my personal artwork.

"Live through your imagination, and you will be unstoppable."

 - Anthony Ranieri